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Acne and pregnancy

  I have had 'acne' like bumps on my chin for the last two years and my doctor prescribed "MetroGel" which I put a small amount on each time I have a new breakout.  I recently found out that I am pregnant (6 weeks).  Can I still use this medication topically?  Or do I now have to have hideous red bumps all over my chin.  It's not 'acne', it doesn't ever get a white head- it's just an enlarged red bump beneath the skin.
  Thank You.
Dear Elisa:
Metrogel contains metronidazole: this agent is harmful to bacteria and rodents but the data from human observations is conflicting and harm has not been shown. Because the first weeks of pregnancy are a time of rapid development of all organ systems, any agent that has come under suspeciion is avoided, even topically wherein very small amounts of drug will be absorbed.
Local care with frequent cleansing of skin is helpful to keeping pores from becoming blocked. An alternative, topical antibiotic cream contains clindamycin (Cleocin Acne lotion) which has not concerns in early pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a marked change in the hormonal melieu which can be beneficial to acne.
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