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Bacterial vaginosis/white patches on uterus

  I have two questions I hope someone can answer.
  1)  Are there any medications that are effective against bacterial vaginosis that are safe to use in the first trimester?
  2)  A laporoscopy revealed white, granular patches on  the outside of my uterus.  The doctor had never seen anything like it before.  Does anyone know of any organism or condition that might cause this?
  Thank you,
Dear Lynn:
Clindamycin vaginal cream is a class B product (animal studies are reassuring; there have not been trials in humans): this product can be safely used in pregnancy.
White spots on the outside of the uterus can be caused by several conditions, including infection. However, in a healthy lady, the most common cause is a congential rest of cells called Walthard Cells (a not very precise, but hopefully understandable analogy would be a mole on your skin which is a rest of pigment containing cells). Walthard cells rests are completely harmless.
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