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Behavior re: to milk

  Hi - I am writing for my sister. She is having problems with her 9year old son.  Until about a year and a half ago, he was a quiet, shy, polite boy.  Now he goes through phases of ADHD-like behavior and she has linked it to milk intake.  He is "normal" until about an hour after drinking milk or having milk in his cereal.  She has eliminated milk for a week or more at a time and had NO PROBLEMS with him...but as soon as he has milk again he is hyper, rude, inattentive, etc.  This subsides after a few hours.  She can tell what he drank for lunch by his attitude when he comes home from school.  He doesn't have any digestive symptoms of a milk allergy and we haven't been able to find much information about allergies and behavioral changes.  What do you think??

Dear Carrie :
Thank you for your question .
You may have had a problem finding medical resources concerning foods and changes in behaviour only because there have been no concise scientific correlations between different foods and ADHD , Up to this point . Studies are still going on , as many families who have children with ADHD sware their children are affected by one type of food or another. Examples include sugars , aspartame , food coloring and food additives .
ADHD causes are still unknown , the strongest link found is genetics ( a family history ) and certain neurological factors ( frontal lobe disorders). There seems to be an imbalance between various neurotransmitters in the brain causing symptoms of inattention , impulsivity , hyperactivity . Rudness is not a feature of ADHD .
There are many other causes for personality changes in a 9 year old child other than ADHD . It is important for the mother to get in contact with his teachers and see if he is showing the same symptoms at school . Look for recent stress factors in his life that maybe contributing to his personality changes .
ADHD is not bad unless it starts affecting the child's normal daily activities , his learning capabilities and his relationship with peers .
If mother feels strongly about milk , substitutes maybe an option including a diet containing a good amount of dairy products . If those also contribute to his symptoms , then eliminating them from the diet will require him to receive calcium supplements.
If you have any questions concerning the diagnosis of ADHD , please post a new message.
Thank you
Disclaimer : this information is for educational purposes only.
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