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Bleeding after Sex

  I'm pretty sure that I am normal as a few of my friends I have
  talked to about this problem say that they, too, have had it happen.
  Usually a few days after having sex I notice that I begin to bleed.
  Not a whole lot, like a period, but enough to have me concerned. I must
  wear a mini pad so my underwear does not soil.
  Is this normal? Does anyone know why this happens?
Dear Carrie:
Bleeding after intercourse can result from irritation of the cervix, the walls of the vagina, the entrance to the vagina, or the urethra. It is most common for this to be noticed within a day of relations, rather than after several days.
If this occurs occasionally and always clears within a day, it likely has no importance.
Some women will experience bleeding with intercourse if they have just finished their menstrual flow, if they are close to ovulation (mid-cycle) or about to start a menstrual period. This is normal, but the reason it happens is mysterious.
If you have not had a recent well-woman examination including a Pap Smear, I encourage you to contact your primary physician for this examination and also mention your concern about postcoital bleeding. If you do not have a primary physician, members of the Departments of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Obstetrics and Gynecology at Henry Ford Health System can assist you.
This materials is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered a formal medical evaluation. If you have specific questions, please contact your primary physician.

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