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Bleeding after intercourse

  I am 9.5 weeks pregnant and have had a few problems so far.  At 6.4 weeks I started cramping really badly
  and started bleeding.  I had an ultrasound which confirmed that I had not miscarried.  I had another ultrasound
  at 8.5 weeks which confirmed that all was normal - a good fetal heartbeat was evident and the growth indicated
  that all was well.  A couple of days ago I had intercourse and had a bleed during it.  The blood stopped straight
  away and there was no cramping at all.  I have had no spotting or pain since.  I wondered if there is an explanation
  for this and if it can be normal.  I did have an eroded cervix that was treated last December, could it have returned?
  I would be grateful for any advice/feedback you may be able to offer.
Dear Dawn:
Bleeding that begins during coitus is due to local irritation (mostly commonly from the cervix and less often from the vagina or vulva). Less often, the male partner has blood in his ejaculate.
This needs to be evaluated by clinical examination: yes it can be "normal" if you mean it is harmless to you and the baby.
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