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Bleeding with no cramping

  I have had two miscarraiges this year, the last being on June 2. I am pregnant again and the doctor said that according to my
  HCG levels I am in the 2-3 month range. I started to bleed last week with no cramps but it tapered off and quit.
  Last night the same thing happened still with no cramping. My doctor says to just take it easy and to call if it stats to get
  heavier and painful. I am going crazy wondering whats going on. I have not had sex since the doctor said that could have been the cause
  of the last time. Any information would be VERY helpful.
Dear Stacey:
Bleeding in early pregnancy happens to 1/4 women and one-half have a successful pregnancy. The commonest explanation is that there is an "overflow" as the early pregnancy establishes contact with blood vessels to nourish growth (an analogy is when you put vegetables into an over-filled pot of water).
Other explanations include bleeding from the cervix (some women have increased blood flow to mucous membranes including the nose, gums, cervix, anus that cause small amounts of bleeding); a twin pregnancy in which only one of the gestations develops and the second is lost as a miniature miscarriage; poly within the cervix.
Bleeding without other symptoms is less worrisome than bleeding with cramping.
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