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Blood clots

  I had a c-section and three hours later was back in surgery due to a blood clot.  It is now 2 1/2 weeks later and the Dr. said I have another blood clot(you can actually feel it under the insision).  I am going to one of the cities best group of OB-GYN's but all they have said was that it should redissolve into my system.  No other appt was ever made for me.  Should I be worried about this blood clot?  My husband is frantic and very mad at the Dr's.  He doesn't think I needed the c-section to begin with.  The Dr said my pelvis was too small ( I am 5 ft) and the baby too big (he was 6.6 lbs.)but he wasn't my original Dr and said this just by looking at my face!  Also, shouldn't I have a 6 week checkup?  Everyone else I know has one but nothing was said to me and the recptionist said if it wasn't written down she couldn't make the appt.  
Dear Judy:
A 6-week postpartum visit is part of routine care for all patients who have had a baby, whether by cesarean section or vaginal delivery. some physicians see c-section patients for a "wound check" between delivery and the 6-week visit.
A blood clot beneath the incision (hematoma) happens to the best of obstetricians. It does dissolve by itself in many cases. Follow up to reassure you that this is happening as predicted is a reasonable expectation of your physician.
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