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Can implantation bleeding seem like a normal period?

   A bit of history first: I am 41. I have 2 healthy boys. (1 & 2) I had a m/c in July '98. I had an ectopic in Oct. '98. Diagnosed in Nov and treated Nov 6th  successfully with Metotrexate. No tubular damage to my knowledge from the ectopic itself. I have always been very regular (28 days). I had a period Dec. 15th (normal); I had my next one Jan. 4th which was a short cycle for me. My first Q is can Methotrexate throw your menses off? I started bleeding again Jan 22nd. (even shorter cycle). I got worried as it was so unusual for me to have one so soon that I took some HPT over the last few days. They are all coming out very very faintly positive. My 2nd Q. is could implantation bleeding similate a normal period? I thought it was usually short and spotty. This bleeding has been exactly like my period. No heavier, no shorter etc. I have no cramping, just bled for 4 days like normal.It seems a bit early for implantation bleeding from what I have read. I did not have any type of bleeding with my 2 previouis pregnancies.  My third Q.: Is it possible to bleed this early if this were another ectopic pregnancy and is it too early for the blood test to show anything yet?  I assume I ovulated on the 17th or 18th, but given that my last period was off by a week, it's hard to say for certain when I ovulated. I had no cramping or other signs of an ectopic before. Just hcg levles that were not rising properly. I did go in today for  a quant blood test and should know more soon.
    I noticed on an earlier post you mentioned that if we want to get pregnant, it also can throw our cycle off. I do want to get pregnant one more time. How is it that this desire can throw a cycle off it's regular pattern?  Thank you very much for indulging me, I hope I did not ask too many questions.
Dear Cathy:
We do not understand how emotion influences body function. The catch phrase is "stress", but how this works, and why it happens to some and not others is unclear.
Following methotrexate therapy, I ask patients to use contraception until serial tests have shown that the hCG level has fallen to undetectable and normal, cyclic menses have resumed. It takes weeks for the trophoblast (placental tissue) to completely clear: during this time, the hCG levels disrupt the normal menstrual cycle and bleeding is due to "anovulation" an erratic estrogen levels that stimulate and shed the endometrium.
The quantitative hCG level will begin to unravel this dilemma.
Keywords: bleeding following ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate.
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