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Developmental Delays/Learning disabilities

Posted By Mary on October 06, 1998 at 21:13:17:

I have a 5 year old son named Andrew.  My pregnancy with Andrew was uneventful, and his delivery was picture perfect.  At 3 weeks of age, Andrew developed pneumonia (aspirated formula into his lungs), he also required surgery for hernia repair and tortioned testicle.   At discharge from the hospital, Andrew was prescribed Albuterol nebs to help with the pneumonia problem. For several months following, we were unable to cure the pneumonia or completely eleviate the symptoms.  (It was not until a year later that we found out the Albuterol was recalled due to bacteria growing in the vials.  Andrew's vial was in one of the lots recalled.)  At 6 months of age, our doctor noticed significant lags in Andrew's developement.  We were referred to developmental specialists and Andrew began a rigorous plan of physical, occcupation and speech therapies. At 15 months of age, we consulted with a pediatric neurologist who noted significant lags in brain growth. She ordered an MRI, CT Scan, metabolic testing and genetic testing.  All tests came back well within normal ranges which was not consistant with his lags in developmental delays.  In fact, she told me quite frankly that she was surprised that all of his brain was there and that it was functioning properly, despite the slow growth.  We continued with the therapy sessions for years.  He has made several gains and is age appropriate for the most part.  In June of 1996, Andrew was hospitalized febrile seizure.  It was uncertain as to whether this was part of the ongoing problem, or a condition that was made present due to his intense fever.  An EEG was performed to see if this would be a consistant problem, results were negative.  He has not had any seizures since then.  The neurologist finally gave a us somewhat of a diagnosis, which was slow brain growth due to repeated episodes of chronic respiratory distress.  She then released him from care, and suggested that we give him a year off from all therapies and let him see what he could accomplish on his own (he was at that point age appropriate).  We enrolled him in nursery school and he thrived.  At the end of the school year, he was promoted to kindergarten.  He has started the school year and is now having some difficulties with school.  His sense of hearing has always been quite keen.  Loud noises are disturbing to him, and he has great difficulty sorting out all of the activities going on in the room. One on one with the teacher, he excels in any questions asked, however work in a classroom setting is difficult.  What would be our next course of action? Who would you suggest we see?  Our doctor is great about referring us to see any specialists we agree are necessary.  We work very hard at home with him, but I do not want him to get frustrated with school and need some help in determining what would be the best way to present information to Andrew.  Any help you could give me would be great!
Mary, Concerned Mom
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