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False Positives on home pregnancy tests
Posted By Mimi on July 13, 1998 at 13:56:27:

Two months ago I tested positive for pregnancy on the first day I missed
my period.  I retested the next day and the test was again positive. AFter
I got my period a week late (I thought I was having a miscarriage), the
doctor told me that these were probably false positives caused by some
hormone secreted by another gland.  I'm trying to conceive and am wondering
if I am especially prone to having another false positive (is this something
my body will do every month)?  At what point do I not have to worry about
a false positive.  If I do test positive, should I ask the doctor to perform
a blood test to confirm?  I would rather not wait an extra week or two to
know if I am pregant, I lost a baby recently and am already under enough
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