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Grand Mal Siezures

  A very good friend of mine has a young son with siezures and the Dr.'s
  are at a loss for a cause or a solution.   Several years ago I heard of a
  special diet that was working wonders with some patients.  Can you please
  direct me to a source for this information.  Thank-You.
                                                            Lori Henry
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Dear Lori:
At times a special diet called a ketogenic diet can be useful in the control of otherwise intractable seizures. This is a diet in which most calories are derived from fat rather than carbohydrate or protein. A pediatric neurologist, perhaps affiliated with a university, would be a reliable source of information. Some children with seizures unresponsive to therapy may be candidates for specialized surgery. The pediatric neurologist would be helpful regarding this possibility as well.
This information is offered for educational purposes. I hope it steers you in the right direction.
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