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  We are both in our mid-twenties, and have been trying to conceive for almost two years without sucess. My husband tells me that, for the last several months, he has been able to tell how close I am to starting my period. He says that I feel gritty. I am not sure if he means the inside tissue, or the mucus. He swears that it never used to be gritty, just soft, which I have always been aware of myself. Is this normal, and maybe he just never noticed before, or could this be an underlying problem like Endo?!?! We just started with the rudimentary BBT charts, and I hate to sound paranoid to my doctor this early in the game. I would really appreciate some input before I bring it up at my next appointment. Thanks in advance!!!
Dear Annie:
Endometroisis is rarely located in the vagina where it could be felt by your husband. If he were touching endometriosis, this would likely be very painful for you.
Grittiness is usually a sensation due to decrease in the amount and/or quality of lubrication. Women do vary in the amount of vaginal secretions produced across the menstrual cycle: ususally maximal from about day 10-20 with increased "dryness" just following and just before menstrual flow. As time passes, the rapidity and amount of lubrication declines in all women. Finally, pyschological factors that influence lubrication include fatigue, distraction, anxiety (including why have I not gotten pregnancy), and excitement (love-making can become routine, especially if it is being timed to a calendar instead of being provoked by lustful urges).
I do not associate this symptom with difficulty becoming pregnant.
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