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Having Seizures after child birth. TWICE. Any connections?

   Three days after the normal delivery of my 3rd child, I have several
  grand mal siezures.  I was on medication for 2 years.  Took my self
  off medication when I realized I was again pregnant and did fine as
  far as the seizures go for the entire 9 months.  After a difficult
  ceasarian delivery of my son, on the following day I once again went
  into grand mal siezures.  I am back on the dilantin at a higher dosage.
  I have not seen a neurologist since the first set of seizures.  My family
  doctor takes care of my medication levels.  I was just wondering if ther
  is a connection between child birth and seizures.  I have had times in
  my past when I would pass out if I was sick, worn out or run down but no grand
  mal seizures.  I was on dilantin as a child for several years for this problem.
  I am 38 years old and my son is now 10 months old.  Does age filter into
  this situation.  By the way I also have 2 teenagers and had no seizures at their birth.
  One birth was a very hard one though.  I don't like being on this medication and want off.
  I do not plan on having any more children, I have 3 beautiful daughters and a fine
  son.  I look forward to hearing your opinion.  Thank You.  Cathy
Dear Cathy:
There is a specific, pregnancy-related cause for sizures both during and immediately after pregnancy: Eclampsia. This is most common with first pregnancies and recurrence is uncommon.
Grand mal seizures can be triggered by changes in hormone levels: hence menstrual periods, postpartum interval, menopause, starting/stopping hormonal medications are all times when seizure activity may be reawakened. Pregnancy, because the hormonal environment is rich in progesterone, an agent known to calm seizure activity, is often a time of few seizures and postpartum when the hormone vanishes a time of increased seizure activity.
Discussion with a neurologist who has interest in seizure (there are neurologists who specialize in epilepsy) may be helpful.
Keywords: postpartum seizure
This information isprovided for education and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician.

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