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How long does sperm live outside the body?

  : : How long does sperm live outside the body.  Specifically I have the following questions:
  : :  - If sperm is dry to the touch, say on a finger or on sheets, is it dead?
  : :  - I have read different places that sperm needs a moist warm enviornment to survive.  What constitutes a moist warm enviornment.  Does a bathtub constitute a moist warm enviornment?  Can sperm survice in water such as in a bathtub?  Can sperm survive on a "damp towel" that is used to clean up sperm after an ejaculation?
  : :  - Can sperm survive in a woman's mouth and for how long, technically a moist warm enviornment?  What if you ejaculate or get pre-*** in a woman's mouth, deep kiss, and then perform oral sex on her, can she get pregnant?
  : :  - Can sperm from an ejaculation go through clothes?
  : :  - How long does sperm live in the open air.
  : : Does anyone know anyone that has become pregnant without having intercourse?
  : Dear Darren:
  : Sperm are living cells. They remain healthy within a small range of temperature, moisture, molarity (content of salt and other chemicals in the moisture) and acidity. Sperm which have become totally dry, which have become immeshed into fabric, which have been exposed to destructive forces such as the enzymes in saliva, the heat, soapiness, or lack of balanced salt content in bathwater are unlikely to survive (continue to swim) for longer than minutes.
  : Pregnancy can occur without intercourse if sperm-rich ejaculate in deposited near the entrance to the vagina: this is a poor way to become pregnant but it has happened.
  : Keywords: sperm survival
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  Can sperm from an ejaculation go through clothes, specifically jeans and panties, and impregnate your parter?
Dear Darren:
I have no scientific information about the ability of sperm to penetrate jeans and panties. My opinion is that this would not happen: the sperm cells would become entrapped in the weave, dry, and die.

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