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How long to get preg after taking the pill?

Posted By Dawne on April 06, 1999 at 09:29:02:

I have been off the pill for a couple of months and I was always a normal 28 day cycle before the pill.   The last cycle was 45 days!  Does that necessarily mean that this cycle will be long also, or could I have even got pregnant this past month. ( I will be 28 days into this cycle today).  Is today too early to take a pregnancy test?
I have heard that one regular period after the pill is all we need to wait for before trying to get pregnant.  Then I have also read that sometimes it takes many months for cycles to become regular enough to become pregnant.  Does age make a differnce also?  I am 28 - does the ability to become pregnant change as a woman gets older?
Thank you for the help you give to me and all others who visit this site!
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