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How long to wait to conceive after a molar pregnancy?

  At the end of September, I was diagnosed to have a molar pregnancy.  (I was 10 weeks along in the pregnancy.)
  My HcG levels fell every week after my D&C.  In two months, my levels had dropped to zero.  My doctor told
  us to wait one year from diagnosis of the molar pregnancy to conceive a child again.  I have read
  cases where other doctors say six months of being at zero is sufficient waiting time.  Do you
  have any additional information for me?  I meet with my doctor in February and am now
  investigating to share information with the doctor.  Thank you for your time.
Dear Nicole:
One year following resolution of the molar pregnancy is the standard recommendation. When patients are older with concern of declining ovarian function, this time may be shortened.
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This information is provided for educatin purposes and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please speak with your physician.

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