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How to get off Depo Provera

  I have been on Depo for 2 years now.  I would like to quit taking the shot  but of course it is not that simple.  When I am even late with my shot I go thru alot emotional things, I cry, I am irritable and depressed, I have magrine headaches, no energy you name it I go through it.  Is there something that can counteract these emotions, so that I will not go through them.  The reason I am afraid to just go cold turkey is that I feel so bad and not like myself and I have just started a new job and I need to feel at least half sane to perform my duties at work.  Please help any suggestions would be appreciated.
Dear Leondra
Many persons may have emotional swings  with changes in  hormonal levels such as those with Depo-Provera. The thing that concerns me is the degree of symptoms you are having and the extent to which they are impacting you. I would strongly suggest that you explore these issues with your care provider. Its important to know your full medical history and the presence of any other physical or mental conditions that could be impacting your emotional state. Good Luck!

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