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Hyperthyroidism and Fertility

  Please help!!!   I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism approx. 2 yrs ago.  My endocrinologist says it's borderline, and he doesn't want to treat unless it gets worse.  I want to get pregnant, but he advises to treat hyperthyroidism first.  I'm 36 years old, have never been pregnant(never tried until now), and the clock is ticking.  Also I am overweight(with hyperthyroidism?), and have clinical depression, which is under control with Prozac.  My question is are there meds that I can take w/o taking radioactive iodine,that will normalize my pregnancy chances, and decrease my miscarriage risk, and is safe during pregnancy.  Should I get a second opinion?  Or is my endocrinologist right in stating that I should not get pregnant until thyroid  is treated ?  I'm going crazy, please help!
Dear Susan:
It is best to begin pregnancy with any medical issues in remission: it is more challenging to treat most conditions during pregnancy and the choice of treatments is limited.
Hyperthyroidism can be medically managed using drugs which block the uptake and use of iodine: propylthiouracil is a common choice. Radioactive iodine does treat the thyroid gland; precludes pregnancy for 3 months to allow time for the agent to be cleared from your body; will likely lead to hypothyroidism and the need for thyroid hormone later in life. Some types of thyroid overactivity can be managed with surgery.
If you seek a second opinion, a maternal fetal medicine physician can help you understand the risks of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy and therapies that are "baby friendly".
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