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I have been diagnosed with Post Parum Thyroidism

  I have been diagnosed with Post Partum Thyroidism (Hyperthyroid). My docter told me to see her if I have any more problems. I am not to sure what that means. Since I have been experiencing my symptoms for a few months now, I don't know what sever is. I have been very light heading (actully fell a few times), I have heart pulpations, cramps, blurred vision, and recently my legs keeping givining in and my toes and arms feel numb sometimes, and I am very tired.
  She said that it usually goes away, but can develop into hypothyroidism (not sure what that is). She would like me on medication, but I cant because I am nursing. She wants me to see her in a month for another panel.
  Should I see her again now or wait? Is my new symptoms cause enough to go back in?
Dear Michelle:
Up to 5% of women, following delivery, develop thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland). It initially causes thyroid over-activity (hyperthnyroidism) causing symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sensitivity to warmth, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, poor sleep, nervous energy. It then gives way to low thyroid function (fatigue, constitipation, dry skin, feeling cold) and finally recovery. Some women hang-up in the low-thyroid phase and need thyroid hormone therapy.
the drugs that block production of thyroid hormone are transferred into breast milk in amounts that can block thyroid hormone production in the breast-fed baby. However, other agents that modify symptoms (propanolol) or block inflammation (glucocorticoids, aspirin) can be considered in lactating women. When the low thyroid state occurs, thyroid hormone replacement therapy is safe during breast feeding.
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