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Infant Brain Injury
Posted By David on May 01, 1998 at 15:06:59:

My wife and baby recently had a difficult delivery.  Our baby was myconium, and the doctor had to used both suction and forceps to get him through the birth canal.  After birth and two hours in Intensive Care, he was taken to "well baby nursery". However, within 24 hours his head swelled, he got chilled and (unbeknownst to us) started having seizures.  My wife and I summoned the nurse to come to the room, she took him back to the nursery.  She noticed the seizures and took in the the Intensive Care Nursery.  Upon pediatrician evaluation, it was determined he suffered head trauma during the birth. A CT scan revealed severe bruising and swelling outside the cranium, at least one small fracture in the upper cortex - temporal region, and he also sufferd a bruise _IN_THE_BRAIN_.  He has since remained in the IC Nursery in guarded but stable nursery.  I have repeatedly asked the pediatricians about the bruise in his brain (location (within cerebrum, cerebellum, m. oblongata), size, saturation).  They have not answered my question, but have told me to ask for a copy of the records.  
As a medical professional, is it not the doctors' responsbility to answer my simple question?  What effect can this type of injury have on child development.  Can the location, size, and saturation of a bruise determine the likelihood of a good recovery?
Thank you.
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