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Low fetal heartbeat, among other things.

Posted By Olivia on May 01, 1999 at 19:43:41
I had my first sono two days ago (at what i thought was 6 weeks 5 days) because i had had low HCG levels (it was 2500 at 6 weeks, the 4700 2 days later, now 9800 3 days later) I also had low progesterone (11 at 6 weeks, 13 2 days later, now 29 3 days later) I was put on a prog. suplement after the second appt.  At the sono the radiologist said I was only 5 weeks 4 days along, and he detected fetal heart "movement".  My doctor called later to talk to me about sono and said the fetal heart beat was only 100 and that it didn't look promising.  I was thinking that with my HCG and prog. going up as it should now, and the fetal heart beating was a good sign. What is the normal rate for fetal heart beat?  What would cause a low heart beat?  If there was something wrong with the fetus, would my HCG and prog. continue to go up?  How worried should I be?

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