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Luteal Phase

  Can you explain how or what can help increase the length of the luteal phase.
  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 5 months with no
  luck. I am currently reading "Taking Control of your Fertility" but do not
  completely understand the Luteal Phase. I am 31, healthy,have never
  conceived before, currently taking pre-natals, don't drink, or smoke.My
  husband is 28 and healthy also. We excercise quite a bit, but not overly.
  My luteal phase appears to be approx. 10 days. But I understand you may be
  able to increase it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Dear Stephanie:
Ten (10) days is a normal length to the luteal phase. The average is 14 days and the normal range is 10-16 days.
The luteal phase is the time from ovulation until the next menstrual flow: during this time, the lining of the uterus is prepared to be supportive of the fertilized egg.
An abnormal luteal phase, defined as less than 10 days length and/or less than adequate development of the endometrial lining taken by endometrial biopsy can be improved by (1) progesterone supplementation (oral, injection, or vaginal suppository therapy, beginning the days following a positive urine ovulation detect kit test); 2. Clomiphene administered early in the follicular phase of the cycle (I use days 3-7 when I am trying to correct a luteal phase defect; the dose must be adjusted to the person, and 100 mg daily is a commonly effective dose); 3. injection of hCG on the day of the positive urine ovulation detection kit test has not been as useful as the preceeding therapies in my judgement. Finally, gonadotropin-stimulated ovulation is the final option.
Occasionally a short luteal phase reflects abnormalities of prolactin secretion, thryoid function, exercise programs.
This information is provided for general education purposes only and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician.
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