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One-sided abdominal pain / cramping

  My wife was confirmed as being pregnant -- about 5 weeks along.
  She has been experiencing pain -- one-sided (left) abdominal pain radiating
  to her back. She is also experiencing cramping. No bleeding.
  Other symptoms are dizziness & light-headed feeling. She is pale.
  She was seen at Beaumont-Royal Oak where they did a ultrasound and
  determined there is a pregnancy inside the uterus. What they did NOT
  say is if there was any additional ectopic pregnancy.
  Her OB/GYN wants her to see her internist or return to the emergency room.
  He also says that he does not know if they will do anything different. My
  wife feels that unless she is bleeding, she will spend several more hours
  waiting to be told that they do not know what is going on.
Dear Ross:
Left sided, crampy pain in early pregnancy could be the growth of the uterus and pull on the supports of the uterus; change in bowel function; change in urinary function; urinary system or bowel problems.
The combination of an intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy occurs 1/10,000 pregnancies: not unknown, but also uncommon. The ultrasound is able to identify the tubal pregnancy even with the intrauterine pregnancy.
There are times in medicine when we do not know what is happening and we have to observe the patient to allow the symptoms to either clear (and we never have an answer), or declare themself in a way that directs treatment.
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  Help, please!

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