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  I just have a couple of questions about ovulation, my wife and I recently within two years went to the doctor to have her tubes reversed, the doctor could only repair one, my question is this does a woman with only one tube have a lesser chance of getting pregnant than say a normal woman with two, the second question is my doctor said that ovulation occurs about 11 days after her cycle, and that is the best time to get pregnant we done the ovulation thing for two years, but i'm starting to wonder, can a woman ovulate any time during the month including through her cycle. please respond
Generally speaking women with one fallopian tube have no lesser of an opportunity to get pregnant then a women with two.  However, women who have tubal reversals do have a higher incidence of pregnancies occurring outside the uterus.  Ovulation generally does occur day 11-14 after the menstrual cycle begins.  Women do have some variation and perhaps taking a basal body temperature daily or watching for changes in her vaginal mucous would be beneficial.
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