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Pregnancy Possible Age 48?

  I'm 48 years old, still having clockwork periods. I checked for normal cycle using basal thermometer, and it's still the same pattern as in my 30's. I can't take pills (migraines + stroke family history) or use IUD (abnormal bleeding).
  I'm presently using a combination of condoms and timing. We dislike the condoms!
  My questions: How likely is it that I would really become pregnant at this age? Wouldn't tubal ligation be killing a mouse with an atom bomb? What would you suggest for contraception?
Dear Candace
There is no question that you still have the potential to get pregnant.
Although fertility does decrease as a women ages, your regular periods and
temperature rise on BBT suggest that you are till ovulating.
With regards to contraception, your options would include several things you
already mentioned:
-tubal ligation would involve a laparoscopic surgical procedure (outpatient)
-male sterilization (15 to 20 minute office procedure, local aneshetic only)
**If tubal ligation is like an "atom bomb"--vasectomy is like a "hand grenade"
-barrier methods:diaphragm or cervical cap (my suspicion is that based on
your dislike of condoms this may not be best for you)
-progestin-only hormonal: You may want to consider depo-provera or the
micronor "mini-pill". Although cycles can be irregular with these methods,
the side effects you listed are due to estrogen and I would not expect a
progestin only method to cause problems.
Hope this helps.

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