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Pregnant and no hCG?

  My last menstruation was July 4.  I am very regular and have never been more than two days late except when pregnant last year. (Gave birth 7/19/97 via C-section)  Have taken 1 home test, 2 urine tests at doctor's office, and 2 serum tests this week.  ALL were negative.  I have all the symptoms as last time, frequent urination, bloating, tired, sore breasts, swollen membranes (nose, vaginal), and feeling of having period like cramping but no period.  I am very concerned because this is not normal for me.  Could I still be pregnant and just not be producing hcg properly?  My doctor mentioned possible hypothyroidism.  I will get that test back on Sept. 1 and am going in for a pelvic ultrasound that day too.  I am somewhat concerned about the consistent cramping or dull ache in lower right abdomen.
Dear Tami:
Pregnancy cannot happen without hCG. You are not pregnant if 2 serum tests have returned negative.
Your physician is now addressing possibilities: low thyroid function; other disruptions of metabolism such as diabetes; elevation of prolactin. The desire to be pregnant can also provoke all of the symptoms of pregnancy: this is common in some mammals and is called "pseudocyesis".
This information is provided for general information purposes and is not a medical consultation. Please address specific questions to your physcian.

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