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Premature infant with bradycardia and apnea

Posted By john on February 20, 1999 at 22:39:34:

My wife and I have gave birth to a beautiful son 12 weeks premature. My wife was in an antenatal unit for a week previous to the birth due to a Premature Rupture of the amniotic sac (beta-strep) positive in mother, on the sac but negative with our child.  He is now just thirteen weeks old (1 week adjusted).  He spent 9 weeks in NICU level 3 hospital.  He spent a week on respirator and oxygen, battled a close call with NEC and suffered daily bradycardia/apnea spells while in the NICU (at least one a day). Since being home the past 4 weeks, and on a home monitor, he has had only a handfull of apnea spells which have all been self resolved.  He has continued to have daily bradycardia episodes, sometimes more than a couple a day. Most are self resolved and relatively brief.  Some require some stimulation to help him pull out. Our pediatrician has required us to come see her weekly.  He had issues with reflux in the NICU which required him to be on Zantax & Cisperide for about 5 weeks while in the hospital.  Our Neonatalogist stopped the meds. a few days before my son was released at 4 lbs. (born 2 lb 5 oz.).  Our pediatrician has placed my son back on these meds in case the episodes are related to the reflux.  My questions are: Can bradycardia &/or reflux be caused by reflux?  What are the side effects/hazards of the Cisperide and Zantax (particularly with the prolonged use)? Will he outgrow the bradycardia?  Could his anemia be causing his bradycardia (low blood oxygen levels)?  Are there any ped. in the Fort Worth metroplex that specialize in premies?

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