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Provera and Clomid

  I recently turned 30 and have a three year old daughter.  I have always
  had regular menses (28 day cycle with 5 day menses except when I was under stress
  then my periods would stop for about two months and resume to its normal cycle.)
  I became pregnant with my daughter one month after I quit the birth control
  pill (I quit BC so I could lose weight).  Therefore, it was a surprise pregnancy!
  After my daughter was born, I breastfed for two weeks and switched to formula.
  My periods didn't appear until ten months later.  Then they would come
  irregularly until finally, they "stopped."  My ob/gyn prescribed provera
  10 mg once daily for five days every 45 days.  My periods would appear
  roughly three or four days later after the fifth pill and they would
  be heavy the first three days and become lighter the fourth day. The fifth or
  sixth days were ususally the last days.  So I followed this
  until I decided I wanted to try to get pregnant June 1998. We tried on our
  own for several months without success.

Dear Rachel:
The hormone profile that you provided contains normal values.
The ratio of LH/FSH (17.4/4.3) is greater than 3/1, a pattern consistent with anovulation and a process named polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO). Patients with PCO also have difficulty with weight gain.
Weight gain in itself can contribute to anovulation.
Clomiphene is effective in restoring ovulation to about 80% of women with anovulation, all other hormone tests normal, stable weight, preferrably under 200 lbs, and positive withdrawal bleeding to medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera).
Keywords: anovulation, clomiphene
This information is provided for education purposes and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician.
  Before prescribing clomid, I had a consultation session with a N.P.in October who ordered
  blood tests.  Here are the readings:  FSH 4.3
                                        preg- negative
                                        LH 17.4
                                        Prolactin 14.2
                                        TSH -3.08
                                        estrodial 44.6
  It seems to me that my FSH is very low.  My OB/GYN says the tests are
  normal.  They cannot explain why my periods have stopped (and am not ovulating)
  My own explanation is my periods stopped due to weigh gain (50 lbs) and
  stress (new baby, new job, moving, etc..)the past two years.
  My OB/GYN, who had a consultation session with me last week, seems very positive that clomid will regulate my cycles and
  that I have a high chance of conceiving with clomid. I would appreciate your
  feedback on this.
  Thank you.

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