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Re: 5 year old son with frequent headaches and vomiting.

Posted By HFHS.M.D.L.M. on January 27, 1999 at 09:15:15:

In Reply to: 5 year old son with frequent headaches and vomiting. posted by Suzanne J. on January 26, 1999 at 14:33:44:

My five-year-old son has been having severe frontal headaches on and off for at least two years now.  He always cries with them and within an hour or two after they start, he will vomit.  After he vomits he feels better.  I have brought this to the attention of his pediatrician, however she diagnosed it as miagraines with no testing at all.  Is there any tests that I should have my son indure?  I don't want to make a big deal about it to my son, however I don't want him to suffer either.  Is there any OTC medications that I can give to ease his pain during this time?  Also are frontal headaches common in children his age.  The only people in our family that has miagraines are my sister and that's it. There is no history of head trauma.  He has been tested for allergies and is allergic to molds.  Could this be just simply sinus problems?
Dear Suzanne :
The way your describing the headaches , they appear to be a variant of migraine , especially if your son's pediatrician concluded he had a normal neurological examination.
Migraines have been documented in children as young as two years of age . So yes , your son may have migraine headaches at his age .
Over the counter medications include acetaminophen and ibuprofen . Either of these medications would have to be given as soon as the headache starts , otherwise their effect will be minimal .
You need not be concerned about allergies if your son does not complain of nasal congestion , eye injection , nasal speech or mouth breathing .
Headaches become very concerning if they occur early in the morning upon awakening , or wake your son up at night or if they are associated with neurological deficits . If you continue to be concerned about these headaches or your son shows any of the above symptoms , a CT scan of the head maybe indicated to rule out causes of increased intracranial pressure .
thank you for your question
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