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Re: Juvenile Mylomonocytic Leukemia

Posted By HFHS.M.D.L.M. on January 21, 1999 at 10:50:37:

In Reply to: Juvenile Mylomonocytic Leukemia posted by Susan on January 11, 1999 at 18:54:55:

Please provide me any info the above, or web sites that might help me understand this disease.  I am finding no information on this disease.  friend's 3 month old has been diagnosis with this disease.  Only one other case know on the East coast.  Please, I would appreciate any info you can provide me.  Thank you.
Dear Susan :
thank you for your question.
Juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia  ( JCML with Ph- chromosome ) has similar features to acute myelogenous leukemia in that it has a more rapid course than the adult form of CML ( with Ph+ chromosome ) . Our hematology team recommends bone marrow transplantation for this condition. I have included a couple more websites that may be able to give your friend some more information on the prognosis for this specific type of CML.
Good luck
http://cancernet.nci.nih.gov/wyntk_pubs/leukemia.htm#Pagetop ( general public information on leukemia, its types , features and treatment protocols )
http://www.infobiogen.fr/personnes/franck/atlas/anomalies/cml.html ( specific information on CML , prognostic indicators and the most recent treatment protocols )
Disclaimer : this information is for educational purposes only.
Keywords : Juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia*(HemOnc)

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