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Re: Toddler eating habits

Posted By Cyndi on January 15, 1999 at 13:37:46:

In Reply to: Re: Toddler eating habits posted by Lacie, RN on January 15, 1999 at 10:18:08:

I have a two year old child that I cannot get to eat anything.  He has not gained an ounce in over 5 months.  He does everything and anything to get out of eating.  I took him to his pediatrician to see if there was anything wrong and now she wants to run a bunch of tests to make sure he does not have a thyroid disorder or is not anemic.  I am very worried that he may have a growth disorder.  Could you give me some advice on trying to get him eat or even what the possibilties that this may be a more severe problem then what it may seem.
Hi .. I am a nurse that has been working with children
and post-partum mom's .. toddlers at this age are on the
go all the time .. their work is their play .. at this
stage of their life .. they aren't going to stop long
enough to eat .. nor or you going to be able to make them
stop long enough to eat .. so therefore .. I have learned
over a period of time .. that you have to give them what
we call finger foods .. things like pieces of hot dog ..
finger sandwhiches ..things they like to eat that they
can carry around on their hands while they are still
playing .. they can eat and still feel as though they
still have their freedom .. pick healthy foods but foods
high in protein and vitamins .. might also wanna try
some daily vitamins like flinstones .. that will help in
giving the child an appetite. Good luck!!
Hi there!  My 3 year old has always been a picky eater.  I find that sitting with him at meal times helps to keep him at the table longer.  Also, I give him Pediasure AFTER meals.  This is a great supplement for kids.  It not only provides vitamins and minerals, but also protein and fat.  I would tend to question the weight gain, or lack there of.  Remember though, at this age there growth slows down tremendously.  As long as he is not deviating from his normal growth curve, I wouldn't worry!  If your doctor is concerned, however, then he may be going down the growth chart, so I would definately follow through with these test your doctor has ordered.
If they do not show anything significant, you will at least have your mind at peace!

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