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Re: apnea

Posted By L. Caples, RN on December 10, 1998 at 12:56:12:

In Reply to: apnea posted by Jenise on November 22, 1998 at 20:04:18:

my nephew was born 2 mths premature in a German hopital. He is now in a military hospital.  He is currently six weeks old and has been having apnea spells twice a day for five weeks.  The doctors told the parents if he has not had any spells for 7-14 days they will send him home with out a monitor. The parents and child will have to be sent back to the states to put him on a monitor and the dr's don't want to send them back. The parents are very concerned and afraid to take him home without a monitor.  Should they be concerned or will he be okay without a monitor.  If you can help me - I'd greatly appreciate it.
Hi .. this child should NOT leave that hospital without a monitor UNLESS of
course that the parents are going to be by his side continuously 24 hours
a day ..I have worked with newborns/peds and seen this all too often .. but
if it was my child .. he would not leave without the monitor just in case
something was to happen .. SIDS is not something to play with .. take care
Good Luck!
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