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Rubella Vacine, Pregnancy & Misscarriage??

  I recently had a misscarriage.  My OB/GYN just informed me I am not immune to Rubella and should get a Rubella vaccine before I get pregnant again.  After I have the vaccine he said I would have to wait 3 months before I try to get pregnant again.  I've asked a few friends and relatives that have recently been pregnant and their doctors never mentioned anything to them about not being immune to Rubella.  They were pretty sure the last time they were vaccinated they were a young child.  We are all about the same age so I assume they also are not immune to Rubella.  My sister-in-law was vaccinated after her son was born.  I assume that meant while she was pregnant, she was not immune to Rubella.  I really do not want to wait 3 months to try and get pregnant again.  Can you tell me if it is absoultely necessary for me get the vaccine before I get pregnant again?  What are the odds that I or my child will get Rubella while I'm pregnant if I don't get the vaccine?  Also how long should I wait to get pregnant after having a misscarriage?
Dear Sue:
A blood test for rubella immunity is a part of the "prenatal blood tests" done on all pregnant women. When we discover a patient who lacks immunity, we recmmend vaccination when they are not pregnant. Following vaccination, one waits 3 months to assure that the vaccine does not affect an early pregnancy.
Rubellia is a childhood illness that can be very mild in its symptoms to very obvious with rash and fever.A person is infectious for a few days before the disease is fully declared.  When a woman in the first 3 months of pregnancy contracts rubella, the impaired development leaves the child severely damaged (blindness, deafness, heart defects, facial deformities)in at least one-half of babies.
Following miscarriage, most women resume menstrual cycles in 6-8 weeks and following this first menstrual flow, they are physically prepared to ovulate and support a pregnancy. The emotional recovery from miscarriage can take a longer time.
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