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Short Periods

  I have very short and irregular periods.  Mine lasts from two to three days only.  I heard that if I have short periods, that means I don't have a lot blood in my uterus and I will have hard time getting pregnant.  Is that true?
  If it is, is there a way to make my periods longer?  
  Thank you.
Dear H.S.
The amount of menstrual flow does relate to the amount of bleeding associated with sloughing the uterine lining, but this does not correlate with fertility. Thus, you have been given wrong information.
Irregular cycles and short bleeding intervals can indicate that a lady is not ovulating: that will make it more difficult to become pregnant. This can be evaluated by monitoring the menstrual cycle with a temperature pattern.
Anovulation can be associated with a variety of situations including weight, exercise, thyroid and other hormonal issues.
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