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Too big for dates

  How common is it for pregnant women to be told that their uterus is larger than it should be for the dates.  Im 26 weeks pregnant and yesterday the OB measured 32cm for the uterus.  My dates for the pregnancy are correct as I had an ultrasound at 15 1/2 weeks and the measurements taken then of the babys limbs matched the correct dates for last menstral period etc.  The doctor has suggested and ultrasound in 4 weeks to see how much is the baby and how much is caused by excess fluid.  Does having too much fluid in the uterus pose a problem.  Im in good health and have so far put on 20 pounds during the pregnancy.  I did take steriods at 16 weeks for an asthma condition but only took them for 5 days.  Could this have done something?
Dear Donna:
Corticosteroids are safe medication during pregnancy.
You are correct that errors in dating is the most common explanation. Multiple pregnancy is the second most common reason. Both of these are not relevant if an ultrasound at 15-16 confirmed size and dates. That ultrasound also would have addressed normal development of organ systems.
Size larger than dates can reflect the uterus (for example, a uterine fibroid that was small, perhaps even unnoticed has grown), the fluid around the baby (polyhydramnios has many causes ranging from it just happens through placental issues and baby anomalies), and the size of the baby (some babies are just big; mothers who become "diabetic" during pregnancy have larger babies).
Ultrasound images to assess the uterine wall, the baby (head/abdomen ratio, limb size), placental size, and fluid volume will provide more information.
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