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Trisomy 13 - Patau's syndrome and termination

  Yesterday I had a termination at 14 weeks pregnant because a CVS test
  discovered my baby had Patau's syndrome. My husband and I are now awaiting
  the results of our blood tests to see if chromosome 13 has been inherited.
  I would be grateful if someone would inform me of the likeliness of our
  next baby having another genetic disease, I know this will depend on our
  blood test results, but I would like to know as soon as possible.
  I also had a miscarriage 4 months ago at 12 weeks gestation, the baby's
  heart stopped, but the cause wasn't found. I am only 21 and my husband is
  only 26.        Thankyou, feel free to E-Mail...
Dear Caroline:
Between 60% and 70% of early pregnancy losses in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy are associated with genetic abnormalities. In the second thirteen weeks, 15% of losses are due to chromosome problems. After two miscarriages, the likelihood that the next pregnancy will result in a healthy baby is greater than 75%.
When the results of the karyotype that you and your husband are awaiting become available, the physician (I assume someone associated with genetics or maternal fetal medicine) can quantify more fully the outlook in your case.
This information is provided for general education purposes only and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician.

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