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Trisomy 15

  I recently miscarried in the 7th week of pregnancy due to what tests revealed was trisomy 15.
  Other than the fact that this involves three of the 15th chromosome, I have been unable to learn anything more.
  Would gratefully appreciate any information about trisomy 15... or sharing.
  I am 41 years old and this was my third miscarriage.
  Thank you,
Dear CB:
There is an increased likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities with advancing age of mother. Age 35 is the point at which this becomes sufficiently common that routine prenatal diagnostic testing is recommended.
Following three miscarriages, investigations that identify causes that may be correctable or that may influence decisions regarding future attempts at pregnancy are worthwhile: included in the testing is an analysis of the chromsomes from white blood cells of mother and father. This test should be complemented by consultation is a genetic counsellor or geneticist.
Trisomy 15 is rare. Most cases end as an early miscarriage. In cases that have progressed in development, abnormalities of the facial and cranial features, hands, and feet are described. Growth retardation occurs later in pregnancy. Chromsome 15 is linked to Prader Willi syndrome (obesity, mental retardation, and anomalous physical appearance).
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