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Unilateral Hydronephrosis in 20 week old female fetus

  I am 36 years old and 20 weeks pregnant with my first child.  Last week I
  had a high resolution ultrasound and AFP test taken.  The AFP test came back
  negative, however, the ultrasound detected Unilateral Hydronephrosis in
  our little girl's right kidney.  
  Question 1:  "How closely is this linked to Down's Syndrome if there are no
  other signs detected through ultrasound or the AFP test (i.e. thick neck,
  thick, short arms and legs, heart problems, etc...)?"
  Question 2:  "Is there anything to be done to correct our unborn's
  condition while in Utero?"
  Thanks for your help.
Dear Joan and Craig,
This ultrasound finding has not been linked to Down's syndrome.  In utero fetal surgery has significant fetal risk and would be reserved for a fetus who has such severe disease in both kidneys that the amniotic fluid is decreased because of lack of fetal urine production.  Unilateral hydronephrosis usually progresses very slowly throughout pregnancy and usually the progression is followed by ultrasound and rarely is early delivery indicated.  Often a consultation is made to a pediatric surgeon after the baby is born.
  Joan and Craig
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