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Why Do They Examine The Placenta After Childbirth?

  I recently had to get copies of tests that I had run while in the hospital after the
  c-section delivery of my son.  I had siezures and my family doctor
  told me to get the copies for an appointment with the neurologist. I
  was given a sheaf of papers and when I scanned through them I noticed
  that there was a report about th placenta.  It fully and completely described
  the placenta leaving no details out.  Why do they do this?  I have had 3 other
  children and never knew that this was done.  I am just a very curious person.
  Also it was stated that in addition to the main placenta proper there was a separate
  mass of membranes.  I am curious to what this could have been.  Is this a normal
  situation?  My sister and I have been discussing this and just wonder
  if I may have been pregnant with twins and one did not develop.  Thanks for
  any information.
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Dear Cathy:
The placenta is submitted for pathology at the discretion of the physician. Some physicians send the placenta routinely from cesarean section. The tissue is examined for abnormal formations of blood vessels, accessory pieces of placenta, evidence of infection. Some disease processes such as hypertension cause secondary changes in the placenta.
The membranes form the sac that surrounds the baby: these are routine submitted with the placenta.
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This information is provided for education prupsoes and is not a medical consutlation. If you have specific questions, please ask your physician.

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