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depo pregnancy?

  i got my first depoprevera shot in june and since my insurance ran out i havent gotten one since.  how early can one conceive?  i bled (BLED) for about 15 days and then it just stopped. just like that. would a home test give a false negative or false positive result or would it be reliable?  if there was a pregnacy would there be any added risks? (can you tell im not ready to be pregnant again :)?) thanks a lot:)
Dear Jennifer:
Depo-Provera injections provided protection against pregnancy for 12 weeks. After 14 weeks, the drug has been cleared from the body to a level where contraception is no longer effective. It takes the average woman 5 months following the injection (2 months after the "missed injection") to establish a normal menstrual cycle.
Barrier contraceptives (foam, inserts, and condoms) should be used until you can become registered in a "public health clinic" or "planned parenthood clinic" that will provide you with medication as a reduced cost. As an obsolute minimum, use interrupted intercourse if you MUST have sex (this fails up to `1/3 people).
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