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fever won't go away

  :      My daughter is five years old. She has had a fever of 104 going on six days now. Her Dr. saw her 3 days ago and said she shows no sign of bacterial infection. With the fever persisting, he ordered a blood test today, and again - no bacterial infection.
  :      My question is, how long can I let a high fever like this go on? She is really congested, but he and I both agree antibiotics will do nothing since her illness is not bactia-related. She feels rotten and her eyes are so puffy even though she's getting plenty of sleep.
  :      I am giving her ibufrofen to keep the fever down, but as soon as it wears off...right back up to 104.
  : Thanks for any input you may have.
  : Dina
  Hi , I am a mom of a two old.  My son a few months had the same problem.  He kept a fever for about 10 days .  Every time I took him to the doctors, nothing was found.  I kept giving Motrin and trying to get the fever down.  after about 10 days, His fever broke and he was all better.  It was odd.  I would keep an eye on the fever.  As long as she is drinking and going to the bathroom, you will have little chance for dehydration.  My son did real well with popsicles and it made him happy.  I also used cold compresses on his forhead at bedtime so he could be comfortable.  Good luck. I would continue to keep in contact with the doctor.

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