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half circumcised??

  i have a son who just turned 7. when he was born he was supposed to
  have been circumcised. they used a "plasi-bell" method. after it was done
  he still had an excess of skin and they reassured us he would "grow" into
  it. at 18 months they held him down, literally and snatched the skin back
  because it was still attached to the rim around the head of his penis.
  it was a horrible thing to do to a child. within a few weeks it was
  already reattaced to the head again. this time they left it and told me
  that i might consider taking him to a urologist to have him re-circumcised
  although they felt sure that as he grew the skin would detach itself.
  now he is 7. his penis, honestly, is still about the same size as it was
  when he was born. one doctor told me that it wasnt growing because the skin
  that is attached to the head was holding it back. then another told me that
  its nothing to be concerned about and that he would go through a growth
  spurt and the skin would detatch itself. that sound very painful to me. i
  would like to know.....#1 will the skin detatch itself with time? or should
  i have him recircumcised? #2 is this the reason his penis doesnt seem to
  grow? or will it hit a normal growth spurt and catch up to the rest of his
  body? he is very tall 4'5" but very thin, weights 60 pounds. i am confussed
  and want to make the right decision for him. he has a younger brother and
  is aware of the differences of size and shape and is bothered by it.
  thank you, vanessa
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What your are describing is adehsions around the penis. Some adhesions may detach but they are usually young adhesions. The adhesions will not stop the penis from growing but you son may experience some pain during these growth spurts. In regards to the size of your son's penis - typically in boys the penis, testes and scroutum are proportionate until the testes and scrotum enlarge which is the second stage of pubertal growth and mataruration. Your concern about the size of your son's penis needs to be discussed and monitored with your pediatric health care provider. Since your son is already bothered by the size and shape of his penis then it maybe time to consider re-circumcision. You need to think about how this will affect your son in the future, i.e. during his adolescent years. Talk with your son about this in an appropriate developmental manner. Discuss with him how although we all have some of the same body parts these parts may look different and need to be fixed. You need to see either a plastic surgeon or a n urologist. Henry Ford Health Systems has both plastic surgeons and urologist which may help you son. Please feel free to contact one of the offices.
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