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how long to wait before getting pregnant again?

  So what's the current word on how long you should wait after giving birth
  before trying to conceive again?  And what about breast feeding--should
  you stop breast feeding once you're pregnant again?
  Thanks very much!
Dear Lauren:
There are no set rules for a "rest interval" between pregnancies (There is another question for a lady who is quickly pregnant). Family planning is determined by personal issues (job; finances; age I want to be when my child graduates from University.)
Health issues may influence decisions: diabetes that needs control; drugs that should be taken and are not acceptable during pregnancy.
Psychological issues are an influence: problems during the last pregnancy or delivery that must become distant memory.
Difficulty becoming pregnant in the past: couples with infertility tend to want to try again sooner than later; those who have never had a problem conceiving take their time.
Age: the biological clock ticks with less efficiency after age 35 and runs very slow after age 40. Also, medical complications are more common in women during the second half of the tranditional 18-40 years of age "reproductive interval".
This material is provided for information purposes only and is not a formal medical consultation. If your have specific questions, please contact your primary physician.

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