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male lactation

  I have been taking hormones for 3 years now. I have breast development to a B cup.
  Is it possible for a male to produce milk? If so how would one accomplish that.
  I have used a breast pump for a period of 2 weeks, 6 times a day. I believe I
  have had some production but no letdown.
  Thanbk you for your assistance
Dear Sandy:
I am not finding any information on induction of lactation in the male. I also have no resource to suggest.
In theory, the male breast should be capable of milk production. We are still ignorant of the factors that go into structure/function of the lactating breast. The simple answers are estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and a "suckling" stimulus. The more complex answer gets into growth hormone, insulin, insulin-like growth factors. Thus, providing estrogen which will cause breast growth may be necessary but not sufficient to accomplish full function.
Prolactin can be elevated by several classes of drugs (notably tranquillizers), but the side effects generally have outweighed any benefits.
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