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pregnancy five years after tubal ligation

  My tubes were tied (Pomeroy) immediately after my daughter was born.
  I was 24. For the past two weeks, I have been queasy (retching and gagging
  at smells), tired, and have been running a slight fever. Also, I've been
  urinating a lot more frequently. I took a home pregnancy test at 16 days
  past the last possible date of conception and it came up negative. This
  was still a week before my period was due to start. I took another test
  on the day I was due to start, and it also came up negative, but I just plain
  feel pregnant. I've had two children, so I know what it feels like. My ob-gyn
  said that I could test false negative up to ten days after my period is
  late, and that I should wait nine more days and test again. But I thought
  that home pg tests were accurate at 10 days after conception. Is it still
  possible for me to be pregnant?
Dear Carolyn:
Home pregnancy tests are reliable 3 days beyond the missed menstrual flow which is 17 days past ovulation/conception.
Tubal ligations fail 5-10/1000 women based on a large, national, 10+ years of follow up interval study.
when a woman who has been pregnant tells me she is pregnant, I believe her. A blood pregnancy test is the best test.
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