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suction D&C for incomplete miscarriage

  I had a suction D&C for an incomplete miscarriage at 11 1/2 weeks.  Started spotting at 11 1/2 weeks.  Sonogram showed Sac at 6 weeks lmp and fetus was dissolved mostly or undeveloped.  2 days later I had D&C.  Not an emergency D&C, but necessary as I didn't seem to be miscarrying.  How soon before we can try to get pregnant again?  This is only miscarriage, and we have had only 1 other pregnancy, resulting in our wonderful almost 3 year old son Connor.
  Thanks, Vicky
Dear Vicky:
Following miscarriage, it is 6-8 weeks before ovulation and most women will have had a normal menstrual period within 3 months. During this interval, use a barrier contraceptive (condom, diaphragm). When you have had your first normal menstrual period, that is the signal that your body is ready to consider another pregnancy.
The physicial recommendation is easy. The emotional healing is more difficult: some women are able to quickly bring closure to a miscarriage and move forwardwith their first period. Others have a longer interval of grief and are not ready to abandon contraception as fast.
It is normal with miscarriage to experience a profound loss, not different from any other death of a loved one. Support within your family, your community (spiritual leader; close friends/colleagues), and of course your medical provider (physician; medical social workers; some hositals have support groups). AMEND (Assoc Mothers Experiencing Neonatal Death) has expanded its scope of services. RESOLVE, a national fertility organization, also has helpful information and available counselling services.
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