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suspect cystic hygroma at 11 weeks

  I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks because of a cyst found on my right ovary.
  I was told that they suspect a cystic hygroma because of the size of the
  baby's neck.  The doctor referred me to another doctor (for another
  ultrasound), but unfortunately I have to wait a week before I can see that
  doctor because of the holidays. Is it possible that this was a "bad"
  ultrasound and that there really isn't a cystic hygroma? Could the cystic
  hygroma be related to the fact that I had strep throat at the beg. of
  my pregnancy? Thank you.
Dear Christine:
Cystic hygroma can be misdiagnosed on ultrasound study and your physician has referred you to, I assume, a physician who is expert in interpreting ultrasound images for just this reason.
Cystic hygroma is not related to a maternal infection in early pregnancy.
If you look in the MedHelp library using the search mode, you will find more information regarding cystic hygroma.
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