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swollen glands...tonsils are almost swollen shut

  : : I have a little girl who will be 3 in April.  Her glands in her neck are
  : : almost always swollen.  She has had mono and strep several times in the
  : : last 2 years. She was hospitalized in Feb.of 1997 do to a several
  : : infection; her tonsils were green. She has been put on antibotics and
  : : sometimes the glands will down go and sometimes they won't.  Her tonsils
  : : are affecting the way she eats.  She has lost some weight; she gags on her
  : : food. I had mono in Nov. and her glands are swollen now, but she has no
  : : white patches that I can see.  Is there something I can do to get her well
  : : and to keep her glands down?  She is not on any medication now. She is not
  : : running a fever, but she didn't with the last few infections she has had.  
  : : Is there something other than the things I mention that I should be
  : : looking for?
  : Dear Valerie,
  : I know where you are coming  from. I have a 3 and half year old son that was
  : hospitalized with a severe throat infection last May. Well ever since then
  : he hasn't been the same. he has this lump about the size of a medium sized
  : gumball that is in his neck all the time. He is always saying that things
  : burn his throat. The  only thing that he will drink 99% of the time is water
  : because he says that it makes his throat feel better. He is very under weight
  : and his tonsils to me look like they are almost touching one another, but the
  : doctor dosen't seem to be too worried. They are going to run some test on his
  : sinus. He had tubes in his ears 2 years ago and still has them. They also
  : took his adnoeids out. I wish that I could figure out what was wrong.
  : Just thougt I would let you know that you are not alone out there.
  : Rachel
Dear Valerie :
if your daughter has had adenoidectomy with ear tube placement , I guess seeing the otolaryngologist is already on your list. If he/she has not recommended tonsillectomy ( based on the indication I discussed previously ) then follow up is recommended .
Good luck

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