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  i have been asking alot about temp and now here are a few more:
  is it possible to ovulate but ur temp dont rise?i had lh surge on 22nd and today is 27th and my temp is still in the range of 97.5to 97.9.
  i have low progesterone (<0.2) and am going to get blood tested tommorrow.i have heard that u can miscarriage due to low progesterone?what should i do to prevent that in case i am pregnant?
  my fsh/lh ratio is 0.39.is it too bad?if it is then what should i do to increase it?
  is there still a chance that i might be pregnant although my temp is not rising?
  i thank u very much for ur time and help.
Dear Sam:
Please see my previous reply. You need to talk with your physician. The information you are providing requires a medical consultation.
The progesterone level and FSH/LH ratio you provide have no meaning unless one knows when they were obtained in your cycle. An LH usrge kit is highly reliable: it can give false positive results. Temperature records care reliable, but again there are sources of mininterpretation. Your physician is doing more blood tests to sort out this confusion. You need to talk with her/him.

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