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trials of clomid

  i took 50 mg clomid for five days(3 to 8 jan) but i didn't ovulate.now what i wanna know is how early can i take clomid again.i know i didnt o bcz there was no lh surge and my temp didnt rise.so should i wait for one more week to see if i get af or goto the doc tommorrow for clomid.i am in such a hurry bcz i wanna get pg a.s.a.p and not waste even one more day.
Dear Somita:
Clomiphene is most likely to cause ovulation 7 to 10 days after the last tablet. This is monitored by a basal body temperature record or a urine ovulation prediction test kit. When a lady has passed day 20 without evidence of ovulation, it is unlikely that it will occur due to the medication (ovulation may occur by itself at anytime).
Since anovulation cycles have an unpredictable length, a menstrual flow may need to be caused by administering medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera). One then adjusts the clomiphene dosage in the next cycle.
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